Industrial Solutions


iTECH-Group offers designing and manufacturing electrical distribution equipment, microcontrollers. We help from maintenance and repairs to reliability and process improvements, to electrical safety matters.


Inspection Services



Our experienced inspectors are ready to apply a comprehensive portfolio of nondestructive testing methodologies to evaluate your mission-critical assets against the latest regulatory guidelines and recommendations.

We offers inspection services that help our customers make tough decisions that involve asset maintenance, plant safety, and sustainable growth.

iTECH Group combines cutting-edge nondestructive testing technologies with experienced field engineers to provide the analysis you need to choose the most appropriate risk-mitigation path.

Mechanical Services


Mechanical Services engineers and technicians are at the forefront in maintaining reliable performance of a wide range of complex mechanical systems.  Our mechanical services can help lower operational costs, increase equipment reliability, and improve productivity.

Gearboxes and transmission systems
Pumps, Compressors, Fans/blowers
Cranes, material handling and conveyors
Mining equipment; crushers, grinding mills
Furnaces and boilers
Control systems (hydraulic and pneumatic)
Measurement devices (flow, temperature, positioning)



Industrial Electronics Design


Industrial electronics require stringent compliance to design guidelines and procedures due to the challenging operational parameters to which they are subjected: high or low temperature, high humidity, dust and grime, high vibration and shock loads among others.

iTECH Group will work with you to define operational parameters and design the electronics and mechanical systems accordingly. Developing industrial devices necessitates selecting highly durable components, designing shock isolation systems, and ensuring an efficient thermal management system.